Biffle Showcases Fuel Saving Skills with 4th-Place Finish at Loudon

Biffle Showcases Fuel Saving Skills with 4th-Place Finish at Loudon

LOUDON, N.H. (September 27, 2015) – Greg Biffle saved just enough fuel to make it to the end of 300-laps at New Hampshire Motor Speedway to earn a fourth-place finish Sunday afternoon in his No. 16 Kleen Performance Products Ford.  Pit strategy late in the race got Biffle some much needed track position and clean air, from there he was able to lead the field for a total of 12 laps and save enough fuel to make it to the end and earn a top-five finish.

“The car in clean air, it was unbelievable how good it was in clean air,” said Biffle.  “Once I got out front there it was pretty good.  I wasn’t quite as fast as the No. 4 and the No. 20 and No. 11.  They had better tires than I did, but I would have liked to have tried it on equal tires.

“I feel really good about this run, especially when we got out in clean air how fast the car was.  Our Ford Fusion ran really good and we’re happy to have Kleen Performance on it this week, but we still have a little bit of work to do.  They were on a little bit better tires than we were, so they showed a little bit more speed than we did right there – the No. 4, the No. 11 and the No. 20 – but I was trying to save a little bit of gas too.  I knew I had a long ways to go if we were going to make it that far, so it was a great run for us.  The team needed this.  We need to continue to work and try to make our cars a little bit better.”

Biffle started Sunday afternoon’s race from New Hampshire Motor Speedway from the 25th position and battled a lack of turn throughout most of the race.  Wedge, air pressure and shim adjustments were no match for what having clean air did for the No. 16 Kleen Performance Products Ford.

On lap 205, crew chief Matt Puccia made the call for a two tire pit stop and to top off on fuel.  From there Biffle was in fuel conservation mode.  Shortly following Biffle’s two tire stop another caution ensued and most of the field pitted, restarting Biffle fifth.  A few laps later the field had another caution and those who had not visited pit road did and left Biffle as the leader.

Biffle was able to lead 12 laps before succumbing to fuller fuel tanks and fresher tires, but he was still able to solidly hold his ground in the top five.  The driver of the No. 16 Kleen Performance Products Ford proved to be one of the best fuel savers as he coasted to the finish line while others had run out and had to pit.  Biffle as able to earn a fourth-place finish thanks to some his fuel saving skills and pit strategy.