Graves Family Donates Masks to Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

Graves Family Donates Masks to Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

CONCORD, N.C. (May 11, 2020)  Face masks have become a crucial tool in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. With protective equipment at a premiummasks have become more and more important for anyone traveling outside of their home. That’s why No. 6 team crew chief Scott Graves and his family took matters into their own hands.  

Our daughter wanted to make some for family at first,” Graves said. “It kind of grew into neighbors and from there we got the idea to make some to donate to hospitals and healthcare workers. Those are the people that really need them.” 

Graves’ wife spread the word about the mask making through posts on Facebook and talking to neighbors. From there, the community really started to rally behind the operation. 

“People in the neighborhood starting donating materials, fabrics and even money for us to do this,” Graves explained. “Some neighbors have even brought in fabrics with their college logos, so we’re able to get creative with material choices and what we make out of it.  

The Graves family has donated over 100 masks to the Lake Norman Volunteer Fire Department, Lake Norman Regional Hospital and the Davis Regional Medical Center. From the proceeds of the masks sold, they were even able to buy lunch for around 30 hospital employees. 

The Roush Fenway Racing team is no stranger to helping out the community. Last month, the team designed transport boxes to help limit exposure from physicians, doctors and nurses to their patients. (link to previous story) 

“The NASCAR industry is a fast-paced environment and Roush Fenway Racing prides itself on building fast racecars that are both safe and secure; it only made sense to use that to advantage of the medical professionals battling the virus,” said team operations director Tommy Wheeler.  

Graves says he wouldn’t want to spend this unexpected hiatus from racing doing anything else but helping.  

“We’re in a really fortunate situation where we’re still all doing well through this pandemic,” Graves said. “It’s nice to be able to use the time we have available right now to help first responders and hospital workers fighting this virus. It’s just nice to be able to help.”