Late Race Incident Results In 25th-Place Finish For Biffle In Atlanta

HAMPTON, Ga. (March 1, 2015) – Greg Biffle started the chilly rain-delayed race from Atlanta Sunday afternoon from the 19th position and battled handling in his No. 16 Ortho Ford Fusion a majority of the race.  A late race accident caused damage to the No. 16, but the team pitted for repairs and Biffle was able to keep his Ford on the track for the remainder of the race.  Biffle finished 25th and currently sits 13th in the point standings.
The race started with a 25-lap green flag run before NASCAR issued a competition caution due to rain all morning.  Immediately Biffle was struggling with grip and under the competition caution received a big swing in chassis adjustments.  The changes kept helping but were never enough to combat the loose handling condition.
Midway through the race the loose handling condition caused Biffle to brush the wall causing the handling to go from loose to tight.  Multiple adjustments over the second half of the race helped but still wasn’t what Biffle needed.
On lap 306 the No. 34 got up into Biffle and sent the No. 16 spinning up into the wall, collecting many other competitors in their wake.  With only 20 laps remaining the Ortho team directed Biffle down pit road a few times until the necessary repairs were made and minimal laps were lost in the process.  Biffle survived the final laps to earn a 25th-place finish at Atlanta.