The No. 16 Ortho Ford Comes Home 16th From Kentucky

SPARTA, Ky. (July 11, 2015) – The Sprint Cup Series headed to Kentucky Speedway with a new rules package.  Rain shortened testing and practice time for the teams, but a relief came from the weather in time to trade in qualifying for a 90 minute final practice.  Biffle started 27th based on the first practice session and in the early stages of the race had a fast Ortho Ford, but as the track rubbered up his handling faded.  Multiple changes kept Biffle on the lead lap the entire 267 laps, coming home 16th.

In an effort to improve racing NASCAR rolled out a new rules package starting this weekend at Kentucky Speedway.  A test day was scheduled for Wednesday, but Mother Nature brought the rains and washed out the day.  Thursday saw more rain, but on Friday the field was able to get some practice time.  NASCAR opted to cancel qualifying and set the starting lineup based on the first practice session to give the teams additional practice time with the new package, resulting in a 27th-place starting position for Biffle.

Biffle steadily gained ground at the start of the race with an Ortho Ford that was just slightly loose into the turns.  As the race continued the sun began to set and the track continued to gain rubber, increasing Biffle’s lack of turn on the track.

Multiple adjustments for wedge, shim and air pressure over the course of the race kept Biffle on the lead lap, but weren’t enough to help with handling and the lost track position battling a car that wouldn’t turn.  In the end Biffle crossed the finish line 16th in the No. 16 Ortho Ford Fusion.