Biffle Leaves Dover With 17th-Place Finish In No. 16 Safety-Kleen Ford

DOVER, Del. (May 31, 2015) – Greg Biffle qualified his No. 16 Safety-Kleen Ford seventh for 400-miles at Dover International Speedway, but damage from a late race caution left him with a 17th-place finish.  Biffle had battled back despite searching for turn during the race when a fellow competitor blew a tire in front of him on the track.  Biffle locked up his tires trying to avoid the incident, but got into the back of the car ahead and had to pit for four tires before the race ended with a green-white-checkered finish.

The No. 16 Safety-Kleen Ford was fast in practice and Biffle was able to earn a seventh-place starting position.  Biffle maintained his position in the top 10 on the opening green flag run with a Ford that had a neutral balance, but as more rubber was put on the track the handling took a turn.  Biffle was left searching for turn, a condition he would battle the rest of the race.

Different combinations of air pressure and wedge adjustment helped the handling of the No. 16 Safety-Kleen Ford, but while trying the different adjustments throughout the race Biffle went a lap down to the field.  At one point Biffle received the “lucky dog” and was back on the lead lap but the lack of turn prevailed and he once again found himself a lap down.

A gamble with pit strategy found Biffle running inside the top five while the field cycled through green flag stops, but a much needed caution never came and Biffle had to give up his new found track position to service his Ford.


The final caution of the day came with two laps remaining, setting up the field for a green-white-checkered finish.  Biffle had avoided all previous cautions, but the No. 13 blew a tire up ahead and Biffle had nowhere to go.  He slid his tires trying to avoid the No. 13 and knocked in his grille.  Biffle had to pit for four tires and fuel to finish up the race.  Biffle took the green 17th and held on to finish 17th, remaining 19th in the point standings.