Follow The Arrow

HAMPTON, Ga. (Feb. 27, 2015) — Most race fans don’t know this, but there’s one common trend you can find on almost every one of Elliott Sadler’s racing helmets. Throughout Sadler’s racing career he has been very open to the design on his helmets, but he has always had just one simple request. That common request is for the helmet to have some type of directional arrow pointing forward. This arrow design has a symbolic meaning to Sadler.

These arrows have typically started from the back of his helmet and wrap their way towards the front. In the past, Sadler has had a mixture of different arrows designed on his racing helmets. On his 2015 OneMain Financial helmet, there is a large arrow starting from the back of his helmet and runs over the top and stops with the point of the arrow at the top of his visor.

“I know it’s simple, but the arrow design has always been a staple on my helmets,” Sadler said. “The arrows have always represented that I’m moving forward and I’m on my way to the front.”

It’s not uncommon for drivers to have some type of good luck charm or symbolic design on their race helmets. So the next time you see Sadler wearing his helmet on TV or at a racetrack, you’ll now know the purpose behind the arrow.

Sadler and NASCAR XFINITY Series teams race this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway at 2:00pm ET on FS1.